Dr. Kevin Pallis and Dr. Ed Plentz

Dr. Kevin PallisDr Ed PlentzDr. Kevin Pallis and Dr. Ed Plentz have been exceeding DC’s expectations for more than a decade. The New Renaissance is the second generation of the vision of Dr. Joe Flesia and Dr. Guy Riekeman. In an age of lowered, allopathic-oriented expectations, Dr. Ed and Dr. Kevin move in a different direction…Chiropractic…health for life. Chiropractic philosophy is a full-contact sport. Spectators don’t win the game, it’s the players. That’s why Healthier People Create a Healthier Planet is not just a mantra, it’s a way of life for the principled DC. Most philosophically-minded DC’s are not lacking in the spirit of Chiropractic, but instead, they are lacking the armor piercing communication tools that turn patient excuses of “I’ll have to talk to my spouse,” into “When can I bring my kids in?” Being a cheerleader for our profession is great, but will not change the world’s paradigm on health.

Until your practice member’s hearts are open, their ears are closed. It’s never about fees, time, or distance…it’s about relationships, trust, and boundaries. Too many DC’s depend on their clinical skills and allow their communication skills to atrophy. It’s a sure fire way to be frustrated and lose your love of Chiropractic. Feel the purpose, passion and prosperity of Chiropractic. On September 12th, experience with Dr. Kevin Pallis and Dr. Ed Plentz, the Essentials of Philosophy Made Practical.