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Guest Speakers for 2006

January 9th Gerald Clum D.C. / John R. Layman
February 6th Dennis Nikitow, D.C.
March 6th Nick Athens, D.C.
April 3rd Tom Preston, D.C.
May 1st Charlie Ward, D.C.
June 5th David Marcarian, MA
July 10th Patrick Gentempo, D.C.
August 7th Dennis Perman, D.C.
September 4th Mark Payne, D.C.
October 2nd Eddie Cohen, D.C.
November 6th Stuart & Theresa Warner, D.C.s
December 4th James Chestnut, D.C.

Chiropractic Philosophy Forum Online Store

If you missed a meeting don’t worry, we have made our extensive library of previous Chiropractic Philosophy Forums available on DVD, from our online store. Past Philosophy Forum sessions are available individually or as an annual set.


Individual DVD’s are priced at $54.50

You may pre-purchase the next 12 months of Philosophy Forum Presentations on DVD for $429.00. This is an annual savings of $195.00. Each DVD will be sent to you within 2 weeks after the presentation.

For information, or to place an order (currently there is NO online order option); please fill out and send us this form.

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